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What is Carolina Kickoff? 

Carolina Kickoff is a three day camp for incoming first years to learn about all things UNC! It tells our campers lots about the school, social justice, and helps campers connect with one another! We offer lots of fun activities and information surrounding community both at UNC and larger-scale, as well as informing our students of ways to get involved with their majors as well as clubs and organizations! We have a lot of fun things in store for our campers that we can’t wait for you guys to see!

When and where is Carolina Kickoff?

Carolina Kickoff takes place from August 15th until August 17th. The times will be announced closer to the dates. It takes place at Camp New Hope, a campground about 20 minutes from UNC’s campus. Transportation will be provided there and back. This is NOT a campground where you will need a tent; there are cabins our campers and counselors will be staying in!

Is CK on campus? Can we stay in our dorms while attending camp?  Where will we be sleeping?

Since Carolina Kickoff takes place off campus, you cannot unfortunately stay in your dorm room during the duration of camp. However, we will be staying in cabins (not tents, don’t worry!), giving you an excellent chance to bond with your fellow campers and get to know some of our counselors! 

What should we prepare for with camp? What should we bring?

Since camp will be taking place in August, prepare for some hot weather and bring clothes that are breathable and that you don’t mind getting dirty (since this will be taking place outside for some parts). We also say prepare for some rain (because with NC weather you never know) and bring a poncho or umbrella. A packing list will be released closer to camp, but make sure you definitely bring a comfortable sleeping bag / pillows and sheet, a bathing suit, bug spray, SUNSCREEN, etc.

When do applications close?

The last day to apply to Carolina Kickoff is JUNE 15TH OR when we have reached 500 applicants! GET YOUR APPLICATIONS IN NOW!!


Is this for freshmen only or all first years? 

While our main population is freshmen students, this camp is intended for all first years! Transfer students are welcome to apply and come experience what Carolina Kickoff has to offer. Our programming is beneficial to both freshmen and transfer students as it introduces campers to all things UNC!

Is there separate programming for transfers? Why or why not?

There is not separate programming for transfer students; they experience the same things that our freshmen campers do. This is not intended to make them feel too old to be there, but rather to help everyone to have a UNC specific introduction. Our programming focuses more on “welcoming you to UNC” versus “how to do college”, so it’s useful for all of our campers! We include introductions to clubs and organizations, what it’s like to be in certain majors specific to Carolina, meeting other fellow students at UNC, among other things!

I’m from out of state and/or I don’t know anybody else who is attending camp. Should I still apply?

ABSOLUTELY! Carolina Kickoff is all about connecting our incoming students with one another, making this the perfect place to find your community. UNC is a big school, so we understand the importance of trying to find your people and make it feel smaller. Ask any of our counselors, once you’ve attended Carolina Kickoff, you’ll start seeing your fellow campers everywhere and knowing a bunch of people on campus, before class has even started!

I have a food allergy / another allergy / medical condition / disability / something that may impact how I experience camp. Should I still apply to Carolina Kickoff?

ABSOLUTELY! We want to make camp as accessible as possible to everyone, so we do our best to accommodate people who may have different types of medical conditions, allergies, and abilities. If you have a specific question, feel free to mention it in your application or contact us to see how we can make Carolina Kickoff a more accessible and enjoyable experience for you!


How much does it cost to attend Carolina Kickoff?

Carolina Kickoff costs $175 a camper, payable by check. However, we do understand that this price may be unaffordable for some families and we want to be able to make this opportunity accessible, regardless of financial ability. We offer some NEED BASED scholarships for those who are unable to afford the price of attendance.

How are scholarships determined? 

Scholarships are determined using your financial aid package for the upcoming year. We use the amount of aid you have been given by the school to create a sliding scale for the price of camp. While applying for the camp, you have the option of denoting whether or not you would like to be considered for financial aid. Once you’re finished applying, you will email us a PDF copy of your financial aid letter from UNC to ckcodirectors@gmail.com to be considered. PLEASE NOTE that these are NEED BASED aid. We want to make camp accessible to everyone, regardless of financial status, so if you are able to afford the price of camp without aid, please do NOT apply for financial aid.

When do we have to pay the money by? Is it due at the time of application?

You have some time between applying and paying!! Once our applications have closed, our co-directors will look at each individual application and if you are accepted as a camper, they will email you and let you know how to pay them best! Typically (based on last year’s camp) the money is due at the very latest by the end of July!


Will attending CK impact moving in during the 15th? What if we move in after the 15th?

Not entirely! If you’re accepted as a camper for Carolina Kickoff, we will submit an early move-in request on your behalf to change your current move-in assignment to be during August 14th-15th. You have the option of either moving in during the afternoon and evening of the 14th (the night before camp which is RECOMMENDED), or moving in before 11am on August 15th (the day of camp). This move in request does not require much on your behalf; we’ll take care of all of the logistics there!

Does Carolina Kickoff interfere with rushing a fraternity / sorority? 

Unfortunately, our camp does overlap with a few events for some fraternities. However, we suggest still considering to apply for Carolina Kickoff! This camp gives another unique way to find a community at UNC, as well as participants having the opportunity to apply to be counselors after they attend camp. We have a few counselors who attended CKamp and decided to rush their spring semester / the next academic year and enjoy being a part of both CK and Greek life! Carolina Kickoff does not impact any events involved in rushing sororities, so anyone considering doing so should definitely apply!

Does Carolina Kickoff interfere with Carolina Way Camp? 

While Carolina Kickoff does take place up until the 17th, Carolina Way Camp does not start until the 17th! Our camp ends relatively early on the 17th (tentatively mid morning that day), so you should have more than enough time to get back to campus to attend Carolina Way. As we are not entirely sure of when Carolina Way starts, if they do interfere, we can work with specific campers to make sure they get back in time in order to attend both!

How does attending Carolina Kickoff translate to the rest of the year? 

We work hard to make sure that the Carolina Kickoff experience doesn’t just end when the camp does! Campers will have a big group chat with the campers and counselors through GroupMe to stay connected with one another, as well as multiple events throughout the year that are exclusive for just campers. In addition, campers can choose to apply to become a counselor and help create a wonderful experience for the incoming classes after them!

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